Lauren...Lo (drk_liquid_eyes) wrote,

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It's been ten weeks since I updated.

A lot has happened actually.
That's crazy.
Thinking back, it doesn't seem like so long ago.
But then again....yeah, it does.

I miss Deanna. a lot. I'm going to visit soon though.
I miss Ashley too...but only in the physical sense. At least we see each other at dance. And talk like, everyday.
I went back to dance! yay.

Um...Jeremy and I broke up. That's all I'm going to say. ((If you want details, ask.))

School is...hard. I miss being on my "I'm soooo smart  don't have to study" high-horse. But I'm getting used to it.
 Just felt like saying "hi LJ!" I missed you quite a bit.

Soccer game w. ash now...then camping. wo0t.

love you LJ.

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