Lauren...Lo (drk_liquid_eyes) wrote,

logic is fun!

So second semester is going well so far.
Way better than the start of the fall semester. I wonder why....
That's a lie, no I don't. I know why.
I'm pretty much living with what's-his-face now...and no, we're not "back together."
Officially. or Unofficially.
We just are...ugh, he's such a Toaist bastard.
((That's right...he's a Toaist and has  no father. Wanna fight about it?))
I miss Deanna.
The Simpsons will do that to me.
I <3 much.
Screw you facebook. and Myspace.

Stuff with my dad man...I don't know. I feel like I'm doing something wrong by not being home.
But I mean, he's never home during the summer...and I spend a lot of time at camp with him then.
And he doesn't seem to mind.
But still...
We watched Across the was nice.

I know it my mom's okay with it...besides, anytime I am home shes just making faces at me because I'm fat and my hair sucks and I'm ugly and should wear make-up.

UGH. I wish I was blond, skinny, dumb and perfect. Maybe I'll start the eating disorder tomorrow.
Until then...Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and sleep.


((...get l0 get l0 get l0...))
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