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I am currently sitting at U.B, at 3 00am with Jer while he works on his project.
So OF COURSE the first thing I thought was...time to update the ol' LJ!
Newest developments in my life: Einstein. Quite literally, l'amour de mon vie, my baby. I love him, he's adorable, if you haven't met him, I assure you you're missing out. And by the way, I do realize Albert Einstein died many years ago...I'm talking about my puppy(who's not actually a puppy. He's 3).
I'm going to be living in Jer's apartment over the summer while he's in GOD DAMN New Mexico...probably having sex with people who aren't me. But I've accepted that(?) *twitch*
Have I mentioned how much I love our dog? Jer did pretty much get it for me...which was probably one of the sweetest things ever. What can I say? After Rasha died I was REALLY upset. And a fish doesn't cuddle with you...very well. And then my fish was a rough couple of months.
Tully's is quite literally Hell on Earth. And I do, without a doubt, believe Hilary Clinton is the "fking anti-Christ." I'm sorry if you're a fan, but that's just my opinion. And I swear, I'm not exaggerating, I feel VERY strongly about this. The LITERAL anti-Christ. I bet she eats at Tully's a lot....and always wants a fking booth...and doesn't request it at the door, but waits for me to take her to a table(a PERFECTLY GOOD table) and then makes a bitchy face and says she wants a booth...and is all pissy at me that my psychic abilities didn't kick in so I wasn't perceptive enough to just KNOW bitch would want a booth...and it WAS me trying to personally insult her by taking her to that (ew!) table. Had NOTHING to do with the rotational seating system and that section didn't have any "boofs" open. Damn me for being so stupid!! Good thing they only barely pay me above minimum wage to do what I'm certain a monkey could be trained to do. o0o0o0o shhhhit....I'm pretty sure I just insulted the Almighty Tully's. I will probably burn in hell while Hilary regulates my torture....which will consist of seating the WEIRDEST most ANNOYING fkers(all who ironically have bad backs so they can't sit at high-top tables) in a Tully's like setting, where there will be ONE booth that EVERYONE wants to sit at.

Damn...maybe I should find a new job. Mine seems to affect me WAAAAAAY too much.
I mention again, it's 3 am and I'm pretty much just sitting around while Jeremy works.
Chai Hai Monster is REALLY good, FYI.

Other than all that...not too much is going on in my life. Officially changed my major to art, so I'll have to kill myself with classes next semester in order to make up for lost time...but I'm actually really happy. (yes Deanna, even though in 6months I will be calling you to explain that "art eats my brains." Although I doubt I'll be making a big Juicy Fruit).  I feel like i have something now though, an actual goal to work towards. It's a really good feeling, being that I pretty much wasted the last year. At least a lot of my gen eds are out of the way...silver lining?

All the math in this room makes my head hurt...peace for now!

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