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I am seriously tired of waiting. I'm tired of waiting (thanks, The Trews).
I keep waiting for that little light to blink.
Or waiting for it not to feel like this.
Waiting for it to get better.
Living week to week, ignoring (on average) 5 out 7 days.
Ignoring 20 (ish) hours of the day, just waiting for a certain 4 (ish) that make me feel good. Or even right.
That's...normal though, n'est pas? It's how people cope.
Or it's how I cope.
I'm not well equipped to handle emotion stress. Because I am actually an emotional wreck. Tout les temps.
I feel...everything. Too much.
Sociopaths feel nothing, and I am the exact opposite. That is my conclusion.
I have acknowledged that I am overly emotional, but what happens now? How do I turn that off? How do I fix it?
I need.............something. I think. Or maybe I just want something, something I could very easily do without.

And maybe that's the problem.
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