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Spring? semster 2010

The end of my break is here. I'm less than thrilled.
I did have a nice break. I was, maybe, a bit too caught up in my own little world, but it was absolutely wonderful.
I just hope this semester is good. I'm really going to try. I'll have my routine down. School, gym, work, sleep.
I need to improve myself. I think if I do, I'll have more confidence and maybe be happier overall.
I suppose if nothing else it's also a distraction (kind of).
Hopefully everything stays like this. It's going so well!
I'm so scared.
My schedule is pretty good, the only thing that sucks is I do have some looooong breaks on Tueday and Thursday. I'm hoping the gym and books will help there though.

I think it's going to be good.
Here's hoping.
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